Wild North Carolina

Available in bookstores and from UNC Press

North Carolina's Barrier Islands
Wonders of Sand, Sea, and Sky
By David Blevins

In this stunning book, nature photographer and ecologist David Blevins offers an inspiring visual journey to North Carolina’s barrier islands as you have never seen them before. These islands are unique and ever-changing places with epic origins, surprising plants and animals, and an uncertain future. From snow geese midflight to breathtaking vistas along otherworldly dunes, Blevins has captured the incredible natural diversity of North Carolina’s coast in singular detail. His photographs and words reveal the natural character of these islands, the forces that shape them, and the sense of wonder they inspire.

Featuring over 150 full-color images from Currituck Banks, the Cape Hatteras and Cape Lookout National Seashores, and the islands of the southern coast, North Carolina’s Barrier Islands is not only a collection of beautiful images of landscapes, plants, and animals but also an appeal for their conservation.

Wild North Carolina
Discovering the Wonders of Our State's Natural Communities
By David Blevins and Michael Schafale

Celebrating the beauty, diversity, and significance of the state's natural landscapes, Wild North Carolina provides an engaging, beautifully illustrated introduction to North Carolina's interconnected webs of plant and animal life. From dunes and marshes to high mountain crags, through forests, swamps, savannas, ponds, pocosins, and flatrocks, David Blevins and Michael Schafale reveal in words and photographs natural patterns of the landscape that will help readers see familiar places in a new way and new places with a sense of familiarity. Wild North Carolina introduces the full range of the state's diverse natural communities, each brought to life with compelling accounts of their significance and meaning, arresting photographs featuring broad vistas and close-ups, and details on where to go to experience them first hand. Blevins and Schafale provide nature enthusiasts of all levels with the insights they need to value the state's natural diversity, highlighting the reasons plants and animals are found where they are, as well as the challenges of conserving these special places.

Wild North Carolina

Available in bookstores and from UNC Press

A Nature Guide to Boundary Bay
Tracing Our Past: A Heritage Guide to Boundary Bay

By Anne Murray with photographs by David Blevins

Boundary Bay is a dramatic and diverse coastal landscape just south of Vancouver that connects British Columbia with Washington State. This area is well known as an important habitat for migrating birds following the pacific flyway. Scenes of spectacular natural abundance are common during the spring and fall migration as birds such as Dunlin, Western Sandpiper, and Snow Geese gather in flocks of thousands. This abundance is supported by a very productive ecosystem made up of extensive mudflats, eel grass beds, salt marshes, and agricultural fields. The area has been designated a Canadian Important Bird Area and a Hemisphere Reserve for shorebirds.

A Nature Guide to Boundary Bay is your guide to wildlife and habitats and will help you find and appreciate the many natural wonders of Boundary Bay. It is not only a guide to locations and species, it connects what you can see in Boundary Bay with important ecological concepts. It will help you understand bird migration, life in the intertidal, nocturnal wildlife, geology, and much more.

Tracing Our Past: A Heritage Guide to Boundary Bay is the story of a landscape and the people who transformed it. It is your guide to the history of this coastline, from the last Ice Age to the challenges facing us in the modern day.

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